More Back To Basics

I am still on the path of going back to basics and re-learning photography. I figure what better time than now to refresh what I knew, pick up what I didn’t, and pack the ol’ brain with as much as I can  once again.

I’ve been reading, or maybe I should say re-reading, the dusty books off the shelf and looking for videos online. There are a ton of videos out there; from the ones that promise to make you into a professional photographer in 10 minutes to the ones that go on and on for half an hour on nothing more than aperture. You can spend a lot of time just watching videos and soaking up all kinds of tips. Ok, so maybe that “be a pro in 10 minutes” wasn’t so good.

One of the more entertaining guys to watch in these videos is Jared Polin from Jared has several videos out there covering topics like knowing your rights and how to fly with your camera gear. He’s got quick tip videos on taking photos at the beach and how to clean your lens; all kinds of useful stuff.

I know for me one of the things that seems to haunt my nightmares is focus. Some days I just can’t seem to get anything in focus! So frustrating. Good thing FroKnows has a quick tip video for that too.

Have you found any good videos on improving your photography lately? I can always soak up more tips so feel free to leave a link to your favorite video tips in the comments.

[I did say photography tips; right? I don’t need tips on how to paint your house. I’ve already done that.]


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