What I See From My Back Door – A Challenge From C

A couple of weeks ago Cecilia, over at The Kitchen’s Garden, posted a challenge.  [yes; I’m a bit behind on this. who’s surprised?]  She wanted to know what we see from our back porch or back doorstep. C lives on a beautiful farm and when she looks out from her back porch she sees a garden, an orchard, fields and barns, and even Queenie her gentle old cow.

Hummm. Look out my back door and you see the grill, a table and chairs, and the wall of the neighbors garage. My  house is kind of odd-shaped and the back door and kitchen door both open onto a little patio that is closed in by the house walls on three sides. To look into the back yard you must cross the patio and go around the corner.

I didn’t think a shot of the neighbor’s garage was very exciting so I put a little twist on C’s challenge and took a couple of detail shot of what was outside my back door the other day.

Veggie Kabobs and Pork Chops

Veggie Kabobs and Bread

Don’t you just love it when the weather allows you to cook dinner outside?


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