A River, Trees, Shotgun Shells, And A Pizza Place

This past Sunday was a pretty quiet day around here; just not much going on at all. It was nice.

Late in the morning I decided to take the camera down by the river and venture along the hiking trail. I managed to talk D into going along; he is using my “old” XTi and I convinced him it would be good practice for him. 😀

The trail(s) were pretty grown over but we made our way along the few clear paths and back into the trees. At first I didn’t think we were going to see any critters at all but then they started to appear. The fish were jumping in the river, the turtles were sunning on the logs, the lizards were wiggling alongside the path, and the deer were napping in the shade.

We never did get a good shot of the deer but we saw 4 of them. Each time we’d get close they would spot us long before we spotted them and off they’d go. We’d get a glimpse of their tails as they ran the other way and see the “glow” of thier eyes when they’d turn to look back.

So we mostly turned our lenses towards the trees; those standing tall and the one that had fallen into the river.

D's Pics blog6-9-13 015

D's Pics blog6-9-13 024

Tree Tops blogIMG_2223

When we finally came to a point where the trail was too over grown to go any further we back tracked a while and headed out of the trees towards the shooting range. There was no one there and we used the range for our own kind of shooting practice.

D's Pics blog6-9-13 038

Bullet Shells blogIMG_2278

After the long hike down the road and back to where we had left the car we drove towards the dam just for fun. We took a few shots of the dam and the water falling over it; even if it is just a small little dam that water still makes a lot of noise!

The golfers were out and driving their carts across the dam heading to the course so we decided it was time to get out of the way. I’m sure we looked awfully funny heading into the pizza place for a late lunch all wind-blown and dirty with cameras hanging around our necks. The waiter even teased that we were there to take pictures of him to autograph; for when he becomes famous.

And yes; we were seen chimping our shots while waiting for lunch to get to the table.

As L would say…

“good times… good times”.

River blogIMG_2330


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