In The Right Place At The Right Time

Red Tail Hawk IMG_2457

Sometimes you are just in the right place at the right time…

Red Tail Hawk IMG_2456

and then sometimes you are unobservant and walk right past a photo-op and not even realize it.

Red Tail Hawk IMG_2455

Good thing D was paying attention and called #5 and I to come back his way on our recent visit to the Topeka Zoo; or I would have missed the opportunity to get some close up shots of this Red Tail Hawk.

Red Tail Hawk IMG_2454

One of the zoo keepers had taken her from her enclosure to the back of a little “truck” where she was weighed, given a quick check over, and offered a mouse treat. She was a very cooperative bird and seemed to enjoy the company of the zoo keeper but wasn’t in the mood for a snack.

Red Tail Hawk IMG_2451

It was easy to see why this beautiful bird ended up at the zoo; she had an injury to one of her eyes [it’s not visible in these photos] and I’ll just bet having a bad eye like that in the wild would make it hard to hunt.

Red Tail Hawk IMG_2445

Red Tail Hawk IMG_2446


2 thoughts on “In The Right Place At The Right Time”

  1. These are amazing photos.. I think with only one eye the hawk would not survive… it has to have a 3d vision to capture prey… but these photos are just marvelous… just shows we should keep I eyes open for such opportunities at all times…. beautiful…

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