Many years ago I worked as one of two head cashiers who took turns working in the service desk of a little discount store called Gibson’s. We nicked name it the crazy box; because there were sooo many things to be done by the person working in that little box that it made for some crazy days. Among many many other tasks it was my job to make announcements and every night at closing time I’d make the same ones. The first went like this… “Attention Gibson shoppers our store will be closing in just 15 minutes. Please make your final selections and bring them to the front checkout. For your shopping convenance our store hours are 8 to 10 Monday through Saturday and 10 to 6 on Sundays. As always we thank you for shopping at Gibson and have a good night.”. The second, third, and fourth were about the same; “…our store will be closing in just 10 minutes…” and “…our store will be closing in just 5 minutes…” then lastly “…our store is now closed…”. Once we finally got all the customers sent on their way there would be one last call for the night, “floor check!”, that’s when each department checked to make sure all was well and ready to be locked up for the night. They’d call out “toys check”, “jewelry check”, “health and beauty check”…. and we cleared the registers and head out. More often than not I’d go with another cashier or two to a little dinner and have a coke and something to eat before the half hour drive home.

What’s all that got to do with anything? Not much. I just happen to think about that when I titled this post…. “ATTENTION ZAZZLE SHOPPERS AND ZAZZLE STORE OWNERS”.

So what’s the announcement being made over the PA this time?catagoricon

Attention Zazzle shoppers and Zazzle store owners… changes have been made site wide!

Over the last week Zazzle has made changes to streamline the site and take our stores to the next level. A much more minimalistic look has emerged and a simpler flow from one store to the next has been set into place.

What does this mean for Zazzle shoppers?

It means a cleaner look and a nicer flow as you explore the site and all the individual stores within. It will give you a more consistent experience with each click-through.

It will become more mobile/tablet friendly and feature a consistent experience.

A few store my look a bit wonky for a while as the owners adapt to the changes; please bear with us while we all clean things up a bit.

catagoricon2What does that mean for Zazzle store owners?

It gives your store an updated look and blends it with the rest of the site.

As Zazzle makes changes towards a more mobile/tablet friendly shopping experience your store will automatically benefit from the changes. You won’t have to do any more work towards that end.

Zazzle anticipates that the changes made will increase traffic and sales! They will be experimenting with linking stores more from the main site because of the consistent customer experience.

It does mean there is a bit of work for store owners to do. Your old header will have disappeared by now and you will need to create a new one. I’d suggest something just as minimalistic as the site itself (I believe the new size for these are 2360 x 400). In fact I created mine as a png file so that I could maintain a transparent background so it blends nicely with the page. Depending on how and what you have used in the past to label your categories you may need to creat new category icons for your store. My old ones were much to small (the new size is 648 x 648) and they don’t look so nice any more. They also didn’t go with the whole new clean look either. I’m slowly replacing those with more png files with transparent backgrounds.


HTML and CSS, as I understand it, will no longer be allowed. If you’ve got links, special fonts, and such set up on your home page you may want to take a look at that and see what changes you might need to make. In fact; “all custom settings will be removed.  Only products, categories, store information, comments, header image, and your about page will exist in the new store framework.”

Yes this will mean a bit of work for us, in fact I may also need to take a look at how I have some of my categories set up and make a change or two there, but I do feel that in the long run a cleaner flow from one store to the next just may benefit us all. If you are confused by the changes or just have questions you’d like answers to be sure to check out the forums. There’s lots of talk going on over there right now that should help us all make the transition that much easier.

And so one last announcement for this morning… Attention Zazzle shoppers and Zazzle store owners! Our store is still open, looking good, and ready for business. For your shopping convenance our store hours are 24/7 365 and we thank you for shopping Zazzle. Have a wonderful day!

“KKH Photos Variety Store… Check and Always Open!”



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