Picture of the Week – Toy Geckos – and another new adventure

I have begun another new adventure!

I have taken a few small crochet items to a fun little shop about 45 miles away.

This little shop is a thrift store/flea market/consignment shop all rolled into one; you can find the neatest things there. I’ve seen huge handmade papier-mâché replicas of video game soldiers, handmade beaded jewelry, National Geographic magazines from the 1960’s, an abundance of miscellaneous hub caps from all kinds of cars, china dolls, rooster cookie jars, antique vacuum cleaners, as well as many old cameras.

This little shop is so full that you can visit many many times and not see it all; and now they have added a few of my creations to their shelves!

These little fun toy geckos are there right now!

Two Crochet Toy Geckos

Toy Geckos

Maybe they will sell before I head that way again. 😀


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