Photo Ideas For Back To School – Capture The Excitement

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It’s almost time for the kids to head back to the classroom!

Didn’t summer just start yesterday?

I no longer have kids heading back to school but I wanted to share a few thoughts on getting those back to school photos for your family’s scrapbooks. I know we have stacks and stacks of scrapbooks around here with all kinds of pictures of the kids growing up and I’m sure you do too.

It’s easy to remember to snap a shot or two or more on special occasions such as holidays, school plays, and summer vacation. I’m sure you’ve got many great shots of all those sporting events that your kids are in; those are fun to shoot!

But what about the first day of school? Are you remembering to take a little time out from the rush to capture the excitement? or maybe lack of excitement as summer break comes to a close.

If you plan ahead just a little by making sure you have film or fresh memory cards, plenty of charged up batteries, and maybe even set the alarm for a few minutes old pic 1earlier than you think you need to; you will be able to fill the pages of your scrapbooks with tons of back to school memories each and every year.

Here’s a few tips and ideas to get you thinking about what you can be capturing as the kids head back to school.

  • Don’t miss the fun of the last day of summer. Grab the kids and have a picnic in the park; it’s a great time to get a few photos of them interacting with each other before they head off in every direction.
  • Capture the anticipation of the new year by snapping a shot or two of the back to school shopping trip, that trip to the hair salon, and those cool new shoes.
  • Take at least one picture in the same location each and every year. Great places to think about are your own front door as they walk out, the school sign, or even in the hallway near their lockers or classroom doors. As you look back in years to come it will be a perfect record of how they have grown and changed.
  • Remember to get those details like the new backpack, favorite tee, or that stack of new books.
  • Get the wide shot as they walk away down the sidewalk, or climb up into the bus. Be there when they come out of the school building that first day and snap a few shots of them interacting with their new found friends.
  • Gather all your kids together for a group shot and be sure to include the younger siblings; they will already be feeling left out enough! As the years go by you’ll have a record of who was taller, what the favorite fashions were, and even how your home looked!
  • Did they get that dreaded homework in the first few days? Snag a picture of them when they hit those books!
  • Do they belong to any clubs or organizations? Don’t forget to capture that as well; and if there are more than one sibling involved be sure to get them all in the shot. Include objects that will tell you, in the future, what it was all about like their uniforms, group tees, basketballs, or musical instruments.
  • How about a nice picture with the new teacher? Or a shot of your child at his desk in the new classroom. If you go in early, or come in after school is out their teacher just might humor you with a little photo shoot time in the classroom.
  • If you have more than one child attending the same school try to capture them together in the hallway, or outside the front doors of the building. You may have to try this one when there are no friends around; like before or after school or even on a Saturday. After all who wants to have mom taking pictures of you with your little sister when the guys are there?
  • Don’t forget to capture that big smile or that brooding frown; you know those expressions that say “summer is over and it’s the first day of school!”
  • and don’t worry so much about taking the perfect photo; just capture the moments.

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