Halloween House

While visiting #4 at Mortica Farms I tried a little night photography. I figured out there in the countryside away from all the street lights would be a good place to challenge myself with that.

Boy you should have heard the coyotes singing while we were out there in the dark. I’m just glad they stayed on the other side of the field!

This first image is a quick shot of the house at night with the fire pits all lit up. Pretty cool!

Morticia Farms w/flames

The second is a 2 minute exposure of the house without the added light from the fire pits; and a couple more lights turned off.

Morticia Farms 2 min exposure

The last image is a fun composite of the two. I tried out the HDR tool in DPP and played around with all 6 of the sliders to come up with this Halloween House. That’s a fun little tool; I hadn’t tested it out before.

Halloween House

Sorry guys; these photos are part of a private gallery and are not for sell as prints or downloads.

Tomorrow…… the old bridge…….


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