The Great Outdoors ~ City Style

Back in August I took a little road trip to the city of Topeka once again. Yes; I could have taken shots of tall buildings, the capitol dome [still being worked on by the way], traffic, or even the awesome finds at the second-hand shops when K and I went thrift shopping.

But I decided to photograph nature instead.

Yep; awesome nature right in the middle of the city.

Here we go with three random shots of the great outdoors ~ city style.

Purple Cone Flower

Purple Cone Flower – at Gage Park

Standing Tall

A beautiful tree – Standing Tall

and this guy…

Crane? Blue Heron?

Not sure if he was a crane or maybe a blue heron but he was well hidden among the tress at the edge of a pond in Gage Park. I didn’t even see him until my faithful assistant Bella Dog pointed him out. She told me he was there just in time to snap one quick shot before he decided that, just maybe, a large black dog was not the kind of friend he wanted to make that day and headed off to the next pond.



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