Happy Fall Ya All!

Don’t you just love fall colors?!

All the golds and reds in the trees, the greens still in the grasses, and those big blue skies.

We really haven’t seen those beautiful leaves in a couple of years but this year they have been so pretty.

I had the best intentions of capturing some of those colors this fall; I don’t know where my mind has been but I have failed at that.

Every time I make that 30 mile drive to do my vestibular rehab therapy [Apparently being all off-balance and stumbling around like a drunk isn’t cool.] I look at the leaves all the way down the highway. I keep telling myself that next time I’m bringing the camera.

Then for the 30 miles home [while I whine about how much those stinking balance exercises bug my old knees] I look at the colors and tell myself that is some photo-op!

I’ve been doing this twice a week for a few weeks now and how many times have I actually taken the camera?

Once; so far.

Well really; if you were heading to a hospital for an appointment would you think of taking the camera along?

Ok. Ok. Ok. I know I should take it everywhere.

I need to do better with that.

I did manage to capture just a bit of the last fall colors at the lake. They are beginning to fade away now.

Waconda Nov 2013

The weather man says there is snow in our very near future.


Wasn’t it just 70 yesterday?

No. Really it was. Well close enough to it.

Yep. That’s Kansas weather for ya.


Tomorrow I’ll share another fall image or two.


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