A Quiet Christmas

This Christmas was a little different than past years have been. This was the first Christmas since K was born that D and I were by ourselves.

Yep; it was a quiet Christmas in our house.

There was no need to get up early and race for the stockings; Santa didn’t fill any this year. They were just hung for decoration. In fact the only gifts to unwrap were the gifts that K, L and M had sent. [ Sorry #7 we got into yours a little early.] I have great kids. Along with other awesome gifts they gave me a light up crochet hook, a yarn ball winder, and a box of Charleston Chews.  Shh… don’t tell the Dr. I’ve been eating chocolate.

I kind of feel bad though. The only things I mailed to the kids this year were gift cards; poor things will have to do their own shopping. I hope they shop for something fun and frivolous as last Christmas we gave them all useful things for their new apartments.

D and I decided to not buy gifts for each other this year. [Although he broke the rule and gave me a “diamond ring” for my charm bracelet.] Instead we purchased a couple of thing for the house. Yep we had to keep up with the Joneses and hang a flatter TV on the living room wall. Now that the cable guys have relocated all the wires, cables, and cords; and we have rearranged the furniture it’s pretty nice in there. And… we now have our own little coffee shop in the kitchen with the addition of a Keurig brewer. Move on out of here Mr. Coffee; I’m sure you’ll enjoy your new home in the thrift shop.

Coffee Break

We had a nice dinner for two with ham, potato casserole, creamy corn, and apple pie. Followed by a couple days of ham and bean soup, ham and cheese sandwich spread … dear Smithfield, please make a few smaller hams next Christmas.

It sounds like the kids all had nice quiet Christmases at their houses too. K tossed a roast and mushrooms in the crockpot, opened gifts, and enjoyed his one day off. L and M opened gifts on Christmas Eve and cooked up steaks on Christmas day for M’s birthday. They relaxed a moment or two with the 3 dogs before heading out to work; the Amy doesn’t take holidays and birthdays off.

Whether your Christmas was all calm and quiet or all loud and joyful I hope it was a good one; and I wish you all the best for 2014. It’s going to be an exciting year; I just know it.


One thought on “A Quiet Christmas”

  1. My wife and I prefer a quiet Christmas. I can’t think of a better season’s end than just the two of us having our own party. I believe you wrote about a grand time for two, and I wish the best to you both in the new year.

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