What Was On Your Mind At The Start Of The New Year?

Every once in a while I think it’s kind of fun to look at what images are selling the most; it can give you an idea of what people are most interested in at any given time.

The other day, instead of taking a look at what was selling the most, I decided to see what sold first. No, not what my very first sell was. I mean what sold first this year. You know; what topics were on the minds of stock photo buyers in January of 2014.

Ok; so at KKHPhotos.com I didn’t have any digital download sales in January. That’s so sad. 😦

But I did take a screen shot of the last digital download sale of 2013! Looks like someone who moved to the big city was missing his old country side view.


Over at Dreamstime.com my first sale of the year was this cute little bear sorting his coupons. Someone had money saving ideas on their mind.


The second sale I saw over at Dreamstime was this pile of juicy mandarin oranges. Somebody was thinking of cool refreshing treats! Yum.


The third image to be downloaded from my Dreamstime portfolio last month was spicy meatball soup. I think she had suppertime on her mind.


The very first image downloaded from my Fotolia.com portfolio was another couponing image. Looks like there’s more than one person out there with the topic of saving money on the ol’ mind.


The second download at Fotolia was also a couponing image; this one with a cute little piggy bank. Yep; I think we all have saving money on the mind right now.


And the third download over at Fotolia.com was this image of assorted crayons. The increasing height could symbolize growth and advancement while the bright colors are a great way to turn up your creativity. This buyer could have had a lot of things in mind.


And lastly, but by  no means the least, my first three stock photo sales over at 123RF started with this fun image of game pieces. I think it’s safe to say that this buyer had some good old family fun on her mind.


The second and third images downloaded from my portfolio over at 123RF went together. I do hope this buyer had safety on his mind.



Home Sweet Home, tasty treats, saving money, growth and creativity, good times, or safety. What was on your mind at the start of the new year?


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