Ad Astra Per Aspera

Just home from a quick trip out to the state capitol.

The huge renovation project on the capitol building is all done! At least it looks that way from the outside; I didn’t get a chance to go inside on this trip but I plan to try and get out there again soon. Maybe next time I’ll get a chance to share some photos with you of the dome from the inside. It’s been many years since I was in there but I still remember how awesome it is and with all the work they have been doing I’m sure it looks even better now.

Our Statehouse survived a 13-year basement-to-dome renovation that cost almost $325 million. Yes; that’s a lot of money that probably would have been better spent on education or any number of other things but maybe saving an old building once in a while is a good deal too. After all this historic building has been standing since shortly after the civil war. Oh; if those walls could talk! And just think how those civil war soldiers must have felt as they watched that dome rising up over the state. Awesome.

I snapped this photo real quick just before we headed home yesterday. It was cold, gray, and hazy so there was no blue sky in the background but the colors of the limestone and bricks in those buildings sure looked nice; and doesn’t that new copper on the dome shine like a freshly polished penny?!

Ad Astra Per Aspera --  Kansas State Capitol Topeka

Ad Astra Per Aspera
2/16/2014 – 1/1300 – f/7.1 – ISO 400 – 50mm

Oh; I’ll bet a lot of you are wondering what the heck that title is all about… Ad Astra Per Aspera. Well it’s something that us Kansans grew up learning about; it’s the state motto. Ad Astra Per Aspera means To The Stars Through Difficulties and appears on our state flag.

I guess you are also wondering what it has to do with a shot of the capitol building. See that little ol’ sculpture on top of the dome, the one of the Kansa Indian warrior poised to shoot an arrow to the North Star. That sculpture was added in 2002 and is named after the motto. And by the way he’s not so little; that big bronze guy weighs in at 2 tons and stands 22 feet 2 inches tall.


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