Let Sleeping Dogs Lie – Really; Just Let Them Alone

I had this great idea the other day.

I thought that since L and M and their “boys” were here I’d have a cute little doggie photo shot.

Me and my bright ideas.

I know that the best way to do something like taking photos of four dogs at the same time would be to do it outdoors; preferably in a nice big fenced in yard so they can just run and play while I shoot. (best done from a distance with a nice long and fast lens)

Well; not having a big fenced in yard, or any doggie friendly fenced in area in town, I decide I’m going to take photos of all four dogs in my tiny living room. (wide angle and close up)

Needless to say once I sat down on the floor with “the pack” I was doomed.

Right away, upon noticing the camera, Bella dog thought that the lens needed a good cleaning. She ran right over and took care of that for me.


After a good lens cleaning, this time by me instead of Bella. I tried again.

So How do you get four dogs to look the same way at the same time? Have someone hold a treat. Ok; so they look at the treat and not the camera. Note to self; have the person with the treat behind you and at the same level as the camera. 😀


Something to keep in mind if you should sit on the floor with four dogs… they have no concept of personal space.


They seemed more interested in running and playing tug-o-war than posing anyway. And again… the personal space issue… honestly did they not see me sitting down there?


Oh; no thank you Balto. my lens is now clean enough.


Once in a while, just like K and L would do when they were little, the dogs seemed to make faces at the camera. I’m not sure what this look was but I think Bosco didn’t want his picture taken.


Sometimes even though they would practically be in my lap they seemed to be pretending not to see me. Bella… look this way!


Hey Pablo. I know, that you know, I am right here. You are not fooling anyone.


After the lens had been thoroughly licked clean, the treats all eaten, the rope sufficiently tugged, and all four pups worn out… I managed to get a couple of shots.

Little Pablo’s best photo of the day was while he settled down on L’s lap for a much needed nap; after all chasing after all those big dogs tuckers out a little guy.

Pablo blogIMG_5270

Bella settled into her chair for a rest while still keeping an eye on the young pups.

Bella blogIMG_5259

Bosco finally decided that maybe one picture before nap time would be OK; as long as he could take his nap snuggled up against me. What a teddy bear this big guy is.

Bosco blogIMG_5133

And the youngest of all, Balto, just couldn’t stay awake any longer.

Balto blogIMG_5250

Whoever, or is it whomever, said “Let sleeping dogs lie.” must have been a professional pet photographer.


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