Now I’m A Believer

Yesterday I gave the old bird feeders a quick clean out and filled them with fresh new treats for my feathery visitors. Once I was done Bella Dog and I sat in the yard for a while to see if anyone would fly by.

Just as I was getting cold and about to move back indoors, I heard a little song up in the tree branches, I looked that way and there he was…. the first sparrow of spring!

Ok; so he’s not really the first but he is the first to hang around a tiny moment while I had the camera outside.

Yep; I finally believe spring is getting near.

Wasn’t it The Monkees who first sang Neil Diamond’s “I’m A Believer”?

I think it was but someone correct me if I’m wrong.

Well; with a little help from Neil and The Monkees please enjoy my short spring time version of “I’m A Believer”.

*cue the music*

first sparrow blogIMG_5587

I thought spring was
only true in fairy tales.
Meant for somewhere else
but  not for here.
Cold winds would last forever.
That’s the way it seemed.
Freezing cold rains haunted
all of my dreams.
And then I heard his song.
Now I’m a believer.
Soon the cold
Will be gone from my mind.
Almost spring.
What a lovely song.
First sparrow of spring
sing your song.

Sing your song.

Ok; so I’m no song writer but it’s fun to try!

Bring on the warmer weather.


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