We have lived in this same small town for several years and looking back I can count on one hand the number of homes that have burned.

I can’t imagine, or maybe I just don’t want to imagine, the horrors those families must have gone through.

Most of those homes have been torn down now and the lots cleaned up. You can hardly tell that anyone ever lived there. One of those lots have long since been sold and a brand new home now stands there.

One of those homes however is still standing.

Last summer fun and games and fireworks went out of control and a home burned.

Such devastation.

What’s left of this house still stands.


I was walking Bella dog today and stopped on the sidewalk by this house to take a picture. I’ve wanted to do so for a while but was worried about the reaction I might get.

I shouldn’t have worried. While I was shooting I met a family member of the home owner. She was kind enough to allow me to take these photos and told me how the fire started and the hardships they have gone through to clean up this devastation.  I had no idea how difficult it could be to take down a home, but she seemed to be very positive, and even mentioned that there just may be enough left to allow them to rebuild.


I wish them good fortune and hope that they will rebuild and be able to move on soon.

***Thank you so much for allowing me to take these photos. I hope you found the disc with your copies.


A note to everyone who uses fireworks… no matter how small or how big they are please remember that they are explosives… Please keep a close eye on your children while they use them… And please please please be safe.



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