Sometimes… when one sets out to take photos of the birds in one’s backyard things don’t go as planned.

Sometimes… there just aren’t many birds to be seen.

birds in tree IMG_6188

Sometimes… the birds that are around just don’t want to have their photo taken.

finch in tree IMG_6275

Sometimes…. one must find other ways to amuse one’s self… such as pointing the lens at other subjects.

tree and clouds IMG_6300

Sometimes… just about anything will do.

jet IMG_6281

Sometimes… even one’s trusty assistant must find other subjects to amuse herself with.

cat fence bella IMG_6230

And sometimes… one must take another break from their blog… I’ll be away from the blog for a few days… I am scheduled to have a little surgery done… although I should only be in the surgical hospital for one night I think the recovery time may take a few days… I plan to spend those few days napping on the couch! No need to worry it is nothing too horrible and I’ll be back in a few days… maybe a week if I get really comfy on that couch! I’m sure I’ll check in over at FB from time to time just to see what everyone is up to… See ya soon!


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