Playing With Toys

I have had a little birthday fun today; I’ve been playing with toys!

little baby IMG_6581

No I haven’t totally lost my mind.

While I was recuperating from surgery I spent a couple of days working on a cute little crocheted baby doll. Once I got him/her finished I thought it might make a good model.

I’m thinking maybe a “congrats on the new baby” card over at Zazzle or a nice canvas print for the play room.

little baby IMG_6578

As you can see from the images in this post I didn’t exactly get that perfect white background. I’m pretty sad about that; but maybe the off colors will work out alright. I wonder if there was something sitting to near my light tent causing the color cast? Most likely I just had something not right.

little baby IMG_6589

Well whatever the backgrounds it’s still an adorable little baby and I had fun playing with toys. Maybe I’ll just have to take this little one on an outdoor adventure and create a fun series with it someday.

little baby IMG_6592


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