The Irises Are Blooming

Our weather has warmed up, we’ve had a small bit of rain, the sun is shining brightly, and the irises are blooming.

In the past I have had to shoot the irises in my neighbor’s garden but a few years ago I was the lucky recipient of a big bag of iris rhizomes. I think that’s the right term; forgive me if I’m wrong here.

I had no idea what variety or color they were [there are some 200 different species of iris out there]; I just found homes for them in my yard and waited for the blooms.

And they bloomed! It turns out that there were more than one variety; in fact there were several varieties and colors! Last year they looked good… this year they look even better!!!

Enjoy these shots of the first blooms of the summer. I’m sure I’ll share more before the summer is over.

iris IMG_6630

iris IMG_6652

iris IMG_6656

iris IMG_6658



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