The Verdigris

The Verdigris River, near Altoona, Kansas, is a place that I heard my Mother and my Aunt talk about a few times when I was a kid.

blog dam IMG_7582

They grew up in Altoona during the depression and spending time at the river was one of their favorite things to do. I seem to recall most of those stories ending with buckets of crawfish being caught for dinner. If memory serves they called them mudbugs. Yuck!

blog tree in river IMG_7590

Recently I went with my siblings to visit this river. It seems that it is still a favorite spot for folks who live in the area; there were several people out there enjoying the sunshine and catching a fish or two.

blog tree roots IMG_7603

I didn’t have time for photo adventures on this trip so I only came home with a few quick shots; but maybe I’ll head that way again someday when there is more time for adventures. There’s a lot of beautiful scenery down in that part of the state that I’d love to take the time to capture.

Click on the images above to see a larger view, order prints, or download photos.



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