What Is Stock Photography

What is stock photography?

Stock photography is basically the supply of photos that are licensed for a specific use. These photos are used to fill the need of a creative assignment of some sort instead of hiring a photographer for the day. It’s usually much less expensive to grab an existing image than itstock-photo-1 is to hire someone to produce the images you are looking for. Quicker too as they are stored online in searchable databases and can be purchased and delivered in an instant.

When someone purchases
an existing image,
they are purchasing
stock photography.

Stock photography is a $2 billion industry; give or take a few dollars. All kinds of people purchase these images, advertising agencies, magazines, publishing houses, corporations, websites, blogs, non-profit organizations, graphic designers, even government agencies!


You see stock photos all the time and probably don’t even realize it. You find them in magazines, newspapers, textbooks, brochures, direct mail, and even corporate literature. You see them on billboards, book covers, and blogs. You can even find them on TV when you see a still incorporated into a commercial; or a photograph on a shelf or a book laying on the table in a scene from your favorite stock-photo-2show.

One of my most successful adventures
in photography
has been
selling stock photos.

There are many agencies out there that handle stock photos for use on the web and in print. I am contributing to three of them at the moment; Dreamstime, Fotolia, and 123Rf. I even offer digital downloads from my own site; KKHPhotos.com. In fact all the examples of stock photos in use on this post are my images that are stock-photography-ccurrently being used around the web.

So next time you pick up that  magazine, or read the latest post from you favorite blogger take a moment to check out those accompanying photos. They just might be stock photos; and if you see a photo credit with the name Karenkh attached let me know!




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