how to photograph fireworks

How To Photograph Fireworks – a yearly review

Photographing firework shows isn’t something I get to do everyday so when the opportunity comes around I always like to review the basics of how to photograph fireworks.

So here we go again with our nearly-yearly review…

  • Shoot in manual mode.
  • Shoot with a fairly wide lens. In past years I’ve use something around 28mm most of the time.
  • Switch your lens to manual focus and set it at infinity.
  • Set your ISO low; I like mine at 100 or 200 for this job.
  • Set your aperture between f/11 to f/16.
  • I like to set my shutter to Bulb mode and shoot exposures from 1/2 a second to 4 seconds. But experiment with much longer exposures by using a baseball cap to cover the lens between blasts. With practice you can capture more than one blast in a single image. Just don’t bump the camera!how to photograph fireworks
  • Make sure you have securely attached your camera to a sturdy tripod.
  • Use a shutter release cable to avoid moving the camera when you press the shutter button.
  • If your camera has a long exposure noise reduction setting in the menu; use it! It helps.
  • Give your lens a good cleaning before you head out. There will be enough smoke and dust in the air you want to start with nice clean glass.
  • Pack extra batteries, a small flashlight, a comfy folding chair or a nice big blanket, a cold drink, and insect repellent!



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