Is Your Facebook Page Still Worth Your Time?

Facebook has made many changes over the years and in some ways those changes don’t seem to be for the better. So; Is your Facebook page still worth your time? on facebook tips for using facebook pagesIt seems that fewer and fewer of your pages followers actually see your posts. I hear it’s as little as 8 to 16% of those who have clicked that like button. Yes; that number can go up considerably if you spend some money to boost your post. But wasn’t the whole idea behind Facebook so that you can connect for free?

I’ve been told that there is a way your followers/fans can help with this. What can they do? Your fans and mine too can simply go to our pages and click on “Liked” then select “get notifications” in the dropdown menu. This, they say, will allow them to be notified of all the posts made by the page.

Why does FB filter newsfeeds in a way that prevents us from seeing every post from all the pages we like? The simple answer is that there is just too much content in too small of a space with too little time to see it all.

How do they filter your newsfeed?
FB has created something called social media marketing tips on facebookEdgeRank that determines if your followers will see your posts based on some 100,000 different indicators. Indicators like how popular your past posts have been and how popular the current posts are with those who have seen it. I get it. Why waste space on things they don’t want to see.

Maybe reaching fewer followers isn’t as bad as it seems; after all if a person never commented or even clicked that little “like” button on a post they probably weren’t that interested in the first place.  The way I see it, as someone who is not part of a big corporation, any connection with a potential customer or contact is good. Even if it is only one at a time. It’s the same idea as “every penny counts”. They all add up eventually. So; I think I’ll continue with my Facebook page and just see what it adds up to.

But what if those followers who are not seeing you in their newsfeeds really do want to see you and your posts have simply gotten lost in the crowd? How do you get them back? How do you engage them again?

In addition to asking them to select “get notifications” in that already mentioned dropdown menu [and I do hope my friends/fans/and followers will do that] here are 8 good ideas that should help you, and me, to engage them once again; and maybe even pick up a few new folks along the way.

  1. Take advantage of your cover photo by adding information about your brand. Some of the old rules have changed and a little “call to action” is now allowed.
  2. Be sure to fill in that short description and your “about” fields. People really do read these.
  3. Use your FB page to encourage potential customers to visit your store, blog, portfolio, Pinterest page, Twitter feed, and your main web site. After all it’s  not the only way to connect with them.
  4. Encourage your followers to set their newsfeed to show “most recent” instead of “top stories”. This will show them more variety in what they see and will help them see your posts.
  5. Use assorted types of content on your page: photos, links to blog posts, sales, coupon codes, new products, and even things that are just for fun!
  6. Post frequently and at different times of day to keep things fresh. After all not all your fans are going to be online at the same time.
  7. Include a call to action every now and then such as: “leave your thoughts in the comments below” or “visit to see new images” or “subscribe to the blog to keep up on all the latest news”. Even if you aren’t getting a direct response on FB you might just be getting it somewhere else.
  8. Ask questions once in a while to get the conversation started. Something as simple as “What’s your favorite place to take your camera?” or “What’s for dinner?” can open the door. Everyone loves to talk and be heard!



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