Triplets At The Zoo!

When I headed to the Topeka zoo last weekend one of my main goals was to capture an image of the three Sumatran tiger cubs. [All three are female and were born on May 4th, 2014.]

Capturing a shot of these three triplets was also the main goal of many, many, other people.

YIKES! Shoulder to shoulder viewing at the window does not make for the best photo taking opportunity. You get bumped a few times, you’re late to the party and can’t find a good spot, and all those people in all those colorful summer t-shirts make for a lot of reflections on the glass.

A lot of reflections that are practically impossible to avoid.

I failed at my main goal of capturing all three cubs in one image but I did get a quick shot of the daddy tiger [in his separate enclosure] cooling off in his pool, a long distance shot of the mother tiger trying to rest in the shade [those cubs just would not give her a break!], and one mostly out-of-focus shot of one of the cubs who ventured close to the window.


So why, you ask, are all these images in black and white and not in all the wonderful orange and black tiger colors?


Because of those impossible to avoid reflections. After trying my best to eliminate them I could still see those summer t-shirts in the glass. A quick convert to black and white hid a lot of them and a little added touch with the healing brush cleaned up a few more.

and babies make 5!
and babies make 5!

Hopefully I will get to the zoo again soon and get another try at capturing all three cubs in one shot; even if I don’t it was still a lot of fun to watch them play. Just like big ol’ house cats!

Here kitty kitty!


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