And Rocks With Toys



As we go walking through the zoo;

An arrow points to something new.

And lots of animals we will see;

And rocks with toys right below my knee?


A pond for ducks with fountain flowing;

Dragonfly wings practically glowing.


What funny feet on that big swan!

So many feathers on his lawn!


There’s a quiet pond filled with lilies.

If we wade would we look like sillies?

Monkey, lion, tiger, cubs for her;

But not all things at the zoo have fur.



* * * * *


Forgive my goofy ramblings, a poet I am not, but it was sure a lot of fun to try and make all these random images go together!



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2 thoughts on “And Rocks With Toys”

  1. Very clever poem! It makes all of the seemingly random photos fit together and tells a story about an adventurous day at the zoo.

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