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What Is The Shortest Time For Selling One Of My Images?

The other day #4 asked “What is the shortest time for selling one of my images after having it accepted at a stock photo site?” I told her I was pretty sure it was 24 hours; but I thought I’d spend a little time today double checking that fact.

I searched through page after page of information on all three of the stock sites that I currently have images on. I easily found what I was looking for at and; but I just can’t seem to find it at 123RF. [I’m sure I must have missed it somewhere but I have given up on that one; for now.]

Fotolia-Stock-Photo-Pumpkin-PieI was right! The shortest time for
one of my images to sell after
being accepted and appearing
on a stock photo site is one day!
That’s pretty cool if you ask me.

So just for fun here’s a quick list, links included, of a few of my quickest selling stock photos.

Let’s start with

sold in 9 days… Assorted Grocery Coupons On White Background
sold in 8 days… Homemade Garlic Mashed Potatoes
sold in 6 days… Otragopan Bird
sold in 5 days… Piggy Bank Standing On Grocery Coupons
sold in 3 days.. Piggy Bank With Many Grocery Coupons and
Coal Fired Power Plant Coal Yard with Wildflowers
and sold in only 2 days… Handmade Doll with Blanket and Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie

stock photos handmade doll toys crochet handcrafted craftsmenship

And my quickest selling stock photos at

sold in 5 days… American Flag on Windy Day and Sam’s Hall of Fine Arts at KWU in Salina, Kansas
sold in 4 days… Tomato and Onion with Pasta, Toy Nativity, and Teddy Bear with Grocery Coupons
sold in 3 days… Bennett Computer Center at WU in Topeka, Kansas, Growing Your Money, and Prescription and Non-Prescription Medications
sold in 2 days… Bubbly Soda
and sold in only one day… Glass Stones Background image, Snack Battle – Healthy Vs Un-Healthy,  Memorial Union at FHSU in Hays, Kansas, and Nichols Hall at KSU in Manhattan, Kansas.

stock photos blue white glass stones background shiny decorative decor light

Well now that’s a variety of topics! Thanks for the question #4; I had a good time searching for the answer.


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