Keeping Watch

Before the lighting of the city Christmas tree in downtown Topeka the streets are busy with activity. Along with families out to see the tree, tourists out to see the sites, shoppers snagging those gifts, and folks heading home from work; the city police are on patrol keeping watch.

1/250 – f/4.0 – ISO 1600 – 35mm


They keep watch over the activities to make sure everyone is playing nice, they escort the guests of honor to the tree lighting, and close off the streets of the parade route.

While taking a few pictures of the capitol building I noticed this, all white, un-marked, police car parked across an intersection. The shiny paint and the flashing lights against the darkening city street were just begging for a shot of their own.

1/200 – f/4.0 – ISO 1600 – 67mm


…city sidewalks….busy sidewalks….children laughing…people passing…

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