coupon couponing piggy bank stock photos

Couponing Stock Photos Kick Off 2015 Sales

Only 5 days into the new year and already I’m noticing a familiar trend in my stock photo sales. Coupon images seem to be as popular as ever. Couponing is a great way to cut back on the ol’ grocery bill and it looks like more and more people are talking about it on their blogs, in the news, and even in e-books!

The very first of my stock photos sold from,, and have all been couponing images. Sold in the past 5 days have been:

coupon couponing stock photos Pile Of Coupons On White at

And the same
Pile Of Coupons On White Stock Photo at

 coupon couponing piggy bank stock photos

Piggy Bank On Coupons  at

 coupon couponing stock photos piggy bank saving money grocery groceriesTwo Piggy Banks With Money Saving Coupons
And Deals Stock Photo At

 coupon coupons couponing stock photo photos teddy bear saving moneyTeddy Bear With Grocery Coupons at

 couponing stock photos coupon stockphoto piggy bank couponsPiggy Bank With Many Grocery Coupons at

Looks like I better be working on some new couponing stock photo ideas for 2015!


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