New Stock Photos – January 2015

I keep a folder on my computer that is filled with images just waiting to be uploaded to my own site,,, and  Sometimes I get that task done a little faster than other times.

This month I have been clearing out that folder; and have been busy typing a multitude of titles, descriptions, and keywords for these new stock photos. Although it is a never ending project I have managed to make a pretty good sized dent in that folder over the last couple of weeks.

golf course new stock photos january 2015

It’s been a while since I shared new stock photos with you so I decided I’d give you a sampling of what’s been uploaded so far this month.

new stock photos january 2015 sad woman in park

Listed in no particular order; here are a few fresh images for you to browse.

empty park bench new stock photo january 2015


View Of Golf Course Across A Lake

Fountain In A Pond At A Botanical Garden

Empty Colorful Playground


Empty Bench In The Shade

Natural Stone Walkway Texture

and at…

Sad Woman With Head In Hands At The Park

White Carousel Horse Close-Up

Small Garden Waterfall

Large Cement Pineapple Shaped Finial

Click on the images and links above to visit the stock photo sites and download these new images and many more.


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