Not One Furry, Fuzzy, or Scaly Critter To Be Seen

This past weekend was pretty nice weather for January. At least at my house it was nice weather. D and I decided to head out to Kirwin National Wildlife Refuge and find some birds or other critters to point the camera lenses at.

By the time we made it to the lake, which by the way was frozen, the mean old Kansas winds were blowing. Not just a little breeze but full on blowing at what must have been 40mph or more! And as the wind blew across the frozen lake the air temperature dropped.

kirwin national wildlife refuge january 2015
1/200 – f/13 – ISO 200 – 84mm


I guess the critters didn’t like the wind any more than I did because there was not one furry, fuzzy, or scaly critter to be seen anywhere. And as for the birds; they were all mostly absent as well. We did see one or two large hawks fighting against the wind off in the distance and one huge cloud of what I’m fairly sure were a few hundred pelican on the other side of the lake. They blew in and fought their way down to the edge of the frozen lake for a rest before moving on.

1/200 – f/13 – ISO 200 – 55mm


We did see a small group of men out on the lake sawing down through the ice to do a little wintertime fishing. It was sure odd to see them just walking around out there where there ought to be boats floating.

1/250 – f/16 – ISO 200 – 55mm


After a short walk around the area where the fishermen were we drove to a new location and still no wildlife so we moved on. And at that new spot, not a thing moving. Well not anything that wasn’t controlled by the wind. We drove some more and tried out a few more areas but still found no critters so after taking a few shots of the lake, trees, clouds, and landscape we headed home again.

1/320 – f/20 – ISO 200 – 55mm


Once at the computer I found that I really hadn’t captured anything to spectacular that day [I think I needed to be using much faster shutter speeds in that wind!]but it was still a good trip; D got in a lot of practice and is getting pretty good at controlling his new camera. I better step it up or he’s going to overshadow my photos in a few weeks!


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