e-waste electronic waste recycling computers stock photo

New Electronic Waste Stock Photos

Sometimes the everyday kinds of things make for interesting subjects. For example a few days ago D, who is a computer guy, had a truckload of old computers and other electronic waste to haul away. Our little town has a fairly good sized facility for collecting e-waste and sorting it for recycling.  As he loaded the old computers into the truck I loaded the memory card into the camera and jumped in for a ride to the dump. I had the much easier job!

truck filled with e-waste stock photo

office equipment and other e-waste stock photo

I actually hadn’t been to this dump before, it really didn’t sound like that much fun, but I might just have to ride along again on the next trip out. There were a few more things out there that I might just point the lens at.

electronic waste for recycling laptop computers stock photo

computer monitors and television in landfill e-waste stock photos

This trip resulted in a small collection of e-waste and recycling stock photos for Dreamstime. You’ll notice that I made no attempt to remove all those logos and brand names from these products. I’m sure with a few hours of work it could be done but I chose not to even attempt it. Instead I kept all those familiar names intact and submit these images strictly as editorial. After all e-waste and recycling in general continue to be important topics. And one nice bonus of uploading editorial images to Dreamstime; the review time is much quicker than your regular royalty free type images!

e-waste electronic waste recycling computers stock photo

cardboard paper boxes recycling bundles stock photos

The next time your in the middle of those everyday kinds of things take a look around. There just might be a collection of images that you haven’t thought of before.

recycling sorting waste garbage aluminum cans soda drinks stock photos

 This collection of e-waste and recycling images are exclusive to Dreamstime.com and can be downloaded by clicking the images above to follow the links directly to their stock photo pages.



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