Meanwhile Back In The Woods…

The other day while D and I were out hiking in the woods near the river we came across about a dozen deer. Well; we came close enough to see them anyway. They were way past the Parlor Alfresco, hidden between the brown, brown, brown, trees.

deer_in_woods_IMG_2388They had run into the wooded area from a near by open field and had just begun walking our direction when I managed to snap a couple of shots. I’m not sure if they heard the dried leaves we were walking on or the beep from my camera but they didn’t stick around long.

deer_in_woods_IMG_2389Instead of getting closer to us they split up into two groups and ran for the hills! We waited around a while and saw a few of them come back across the field and into the woods again but they kept their distance and disappeared into the trees.

deer_in_woods_IMG_2390You see their tracks out there all the time, lots and lots of tracks, but this is only the second or third time that I’ve seen the deer themselves [in those trees] and the first time I’ve managed to capture any with the camera out there.

Nope these are not great shots but if you look closely between all those trees you can see a couple of them way back in there.

Oh for a longer lens.

*is it just my eyes or have images on WP been looking kinda “fuzzy” lately?*


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