Whoo Hoo! I’ve Found A Few More!

Whoo-Hoo I’ve found a few more of my stock photos being used on the web. And this time I even found a bit of a variety!

So fun to come across something you’ve created being used  by someone else.  😀

stock photo homemade fudge chocolateThis image of homemade fudge is available at 123RF.com and Dreamstime.com.

Capture4This stock photo of three unlabeled cans is available at Dreamstime.com.

Capture3These sea shells are actually a free image. It was not preforming well at Dreamstime.com so I donated it to the free section. It can still be downloaded for free at StockFreeImages.com.

Capture2This black wallet filled with grocery coupons can be purchased at both Dreamstime.com and Fotolia.com.

Capture1And one more couponing stock photo… these little piggy banks with money saving grocery coupons can be found at Dreamstime.com, 123RF.com and Fotolia.com; all three!


2 thoughts on “Whoo Hoo! I’ve Found A Few More!”

  1. T – I do a little Google search every now and again. I search things like — Karenkh|Dreamstime.com or Karenkh – Fotolia.com — The only way you can find it that way is if the person using it has included the little credit line from the stock site. I have heard that some people have good luck using TinEye but I have not figured that one out yet I guess; never find anything that way.

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