kansas professional photographers association

An Adventure Of A Different Sort – KPPA

Back in January I began an adventure of a different sort when I applied for membership in the Kansas Professional Photographers Association. It took a couple of weeks or so for them to notify me that I was “in”.  Now I am looking forward to making new contacts, meeting new friends, and learning so much more about the business of photography, and photography in general.

I’ve already registered for a couple of events and am pretty excited about it. I know I’ll learn new things and hopefully it will help me to continue to improve! We all need improvement from time to time.

There are a lot of benefits to being a member of the KPPA such as: educational programs, networking opportunities, tradeshows, recognitions, competitions, and seminars with nationally recognized speakers.

It is my understanding that the KPPA began in 1950 and now includes over 250 members who make their living photographing children, families, seniors, weddings, events, etc. and even those of us who are of a more commercial nature.  It is also affiliated with the Professional Photographers of America, Inc. (PPA) the largest association of professional photographers. That could mean even more opportunities!

Looks like good times ahead.





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