Ready To Tackle My First Competition

white_orchid_on_blackThere is a first time for everything and my newest adventure as a member of the KPPA is going to bring on several firsts; like my first entries into a photo competition.

I will be attending a workshop soon as part of the preparation for this competition. For this workshop we are to bring along six images that we might want to enter.

By the time the workshop is over I should have it narrowed down to the four I would like to enter at the Spring Shutter Expo; and maybe I will  think about sending in the other two just for the scoring. A little constructive criticism is always a good thing and these judges will most definitely know what they are talking about.white_daisy_macro

garden_gemsfavorite_old_sneakersI spent more time than I’d like to admit over the last two days combing through old files and revisiting newer ones. Looking for just the right images – those that I felt just might be able to stand up to the tough judging of this kind of competition. [Followed by way to much time narrowing it down to six.]

I now have those six and I am ready, ready to tackle my first competition.


Maybe I should have started with the county fair… YIKES!


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