And My Entries Have Been Sent On Their Way


Last week — wow has it been that long since I wrote a post??

Last week I told you that I am going to enter my first professional photography image competition and… insert drumroll here… my entries have been sent on their way!

I had a great time at the print review workshop, picked up a lot of tips, learned a little about how the images will be judged, saw lots of awesome work, and met some very talented people.

The images I took to the workshop actually held up a little better than I had thought they would. Oh if it had been the actual competition I would not have faired well but they did have some good things to say. I took the criticisms, tips, and ideas that were offered my way and did a little work on three of those images and then tossed another old favorite into the mix. Hopefully the little extra work has given these images a fighting chance!

My #1 entry is titled White Sun

White Sun
White Sun

When last you saw this images it was going by the alias White Daisy Macro and looked something like this…white_daisy_macro

Ok; I’m happy with those little changes.

#2 is titled Faux Bounty

Faux Bounty
Faux Bounty

When you last saw this image it was actually a different image titled garden_gemsGarden Gems…

same idea, new shoot, ethereal look — OK!

#3 is titled Do You Want To Play

Do You Want To Play?
Do You Want To Play?

Yep I tossed in an old favorite of Bella dog; after all what judge could ignore those eyes?

and entry #4 is now titled Lyin’ Down

Lyin' Down
Lyin’ Down

it originally looked like this and was being called Afternoon Nap…afternoon_nap

Oh, yes I now understand what they were saying about that foreground.

In addition to entering 4 images in the competition you have the added option of submitting 2 extra images just for scoring so I have tossed in a couple of oldies. Maybe the judges will like one of these!

Winter Reflections In black And White


Evening’s Rest

Now I just have to wait until I attend the Spring Shutter Expo to find out what scores these images will receive. Fingers crossed!

Click on the images and links above to see a larger view,
order prints, or download photos.



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