A Migration Has Begun

Zazzle.Com / KKayeH

A long overdue migration has begun with my Zazzle products. I have had my variety store at Zazzle.Com/KKayeH for a long time now. Back when I started the store I thought that was a good address…

I was playing around with the idea of calling my photography site KKayeH Photos, or even just Kaye’s Photos, but I decided I’d be forever telling people how to spell it and settled on KKH Photos instead. After all when you hear the name Kaye that last letter E doesn’t always come to mind.

I settled on KKH after the Zazzle store had taken shape and just never got around to changing it.

KKH Photos Variety Shop
KKH Photos Variety Shop

Well I have finally set up a new store with the address Zazzle.Com/KKHPhotosVarietyShop. It seems that using the word store made that address just one letter to long for good ol’ Zazzle so we’re going with shop instead. 😀

For the time being both address will be up and running. Over the next few weeks that long overdue migration will take place as I move products around. Once the majority of the products are moved I will change all the store links to point to the new, and hopefully easier to remember, address. Then finally after everything has been moved the old store will disappear from site.

Here I go again on another time consuming project. Why didn’t I just pick a better address to begin with??

Have a great weekend everyone! I guess you know what I’ll be doing.


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