Another Stop On That Sunday Drive

…and our Sunday Drive continues…

After we left Cheyenne Bottoms and made our quick stop to visit with family the plan was to head home. But… you know me… we were near a little zoo so…

We got to Brit Spaugh Zoo with only about an hour left before they were to close up for the day. Some of the animals had already headed indoors to their little houses for dinner and a good night’s rest but the lions and bears were still out!

Oh those bears! What is it about that one particular enclosure?? I still have not been successeful at getting a good image through that fence!! Next time bears… next time I’m going to find that right spot and get your pictures; just you wait.

But we did have some luck with the lions. I even found a fun new view of their enclose! There is this wooden fence along one side of the lion enclosure, I placed the lens up to one of the knot holes in the fence and captured this fun image of one of the big guys catching a nap. If only those big signs from the businesses across the road weren’t there…

1/160 - f/4 - ISO 200 - 98mm
1/160 – f/4 – ISO 200 – 98mm

If you want to see more check out D’s blog in a few days. I think he will be posting his lion images and he got a couple of really good ones!

Click on the image above to see a larger view,
order prints, or download photos.


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