Santa Fe 3416

Two last shots from last weekend’s Sunday drive…

This old steam engine has been sitting in the same spot since I was a kid. In fact I’m pretty sure that way back before they installed the fence around it we probably climbed up inside of it to get a better look. I imagine if someone was to do some digging through all the old photos that my siblings and cousins have tucked away there could be a shot or two with this train in the background. Hey sibs! Anyone have any pictures like that?? D’s family might just have a few too.

old_train_IMG_3112I did a little Google searching for information about this train and didn’t find much at all; what I found said that this engine was build by Baldwin in 1919. If anyone knows any more about the history of this train and how it came to be a permanent fixture in Great Bend, Kansas feel free to add your information in the comments!old_train_IMG_3116

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