A Lesson In Backyard Birding

A Lesson In Backyard Birding
~ by Bella and Pablo

Bella_blog_size“When it is time to relax and watch the birds in the back yard; a seasoned bird watcher knows that it is best to remain quiet.” “That is not to say that you can’t enjoy a good roll in the grass and try your best to make the lady with the camera laugh out loud.” ~Bella

“What is this bird watching nonsense?” “Birds are meant to be chased not watched!” “…and rolling in the grass is for lazy old dogs; I prefer to run, bark, and chase those little old birds!” “Who wants to watch this lady taking pictures of these birds when I can have fun and scare them away instead??” ~PabloPablo_blog_size

Oh yes; bird watching with my old Bella dog and grand-puppy Pablo is going to be very interesting this spring and summer. Little Pablo has much to learn about backyard birding.

His first lesson yesterday: when one is bird watching one must remain silent; one does not bark and chase away the one and only goldfinch before there is a chance for the one holding the camera to click the shutter!!

I don’t think he understood.



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