Zoo-Hopping The End — For Now

One last posting from last weekend’s zoo-hopping trip…

Our final destination for the day was Sunset Zoo; boy have I forgotten the hills in that zoo! I think you must need to be part billy goat to get around that place!

I’ll share  only a couple of images with you today but I will hold off on the others. I plan to get back to this zoo again in a few days on my way to the KPPA Spring Shutter Expo; so I won’t bore you too much with the critters today. But when I get back from that trip I hope to have many more to share! 😀

1/320 - f/5 - ISO 400 - 250mm
1/320 – f/5 – ISO 400 – 250mm

One of my favorite animals at the Sunset Zoo is the Amur Leopard. He’s a big beautiful cat. While we were there on this past trip this big guy was in a mood. He was all the way up on the top of a wall at the back of his enclosure and he didn’t look amused. He was pacing non-stopped pretty quickly across the wall and back again. Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. I don’t know what had him so worked up but I hope he calmed down and took a nap after we left!

I was hoping to get a few shots of the peacocks at Sunset Zoo but they were not in the mood for company that day. Most of them were doing their best to hide in the bushes; perhaps fixing up the nests for spring? Someone really should tell them that when you are that big and that colorful there’s really no hiding in the nearly bare bushes.

I did get a shot of another big bird though. This big white pelican was enjoying a mid day nap in the warm sun. The breeze was blowing through his feathers and he looked so peaceful there beside his pond.

1/2000 - f/7.1 - ISO 400 - 250mm
1/2000 – f/7.1 – ISO 400 – 250mm

That was another great Sunday drive D; where shall we go this weekend??


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