Controlling The Sun With Chuck Arlund

While at the KPPA Spring Shutter Expo I had the opportunity to pick up a few lighting tips from an awesome photographer named Chuck Arlund. Chuck teaches at Middle Tennessee State University, photographs musicians and other interesting people in the Nashville area, heads to NYC any chance he gets, and still calls Kansas home.  Chuck also teaches classes at seminars, conventions, and even one on one mentoring all over the country.

He makes this light hacking thing seem so simple that I even got in there and took a few shots myself! While I will not be shooting high fashion anytime soon it was a lot of fun to watch Chuck work with his model for the day, Molly, and to learn how he controls the sun.

As for those shots I took…Molly_IMG_4169Molly_IMG_4156Molly_IMG_4160Molly_IMG_4171Chuckie_Arlund_Molly_IMG_4170

That was a lot of fun but now go check out Chuck’s work at

Oh, I have so much to learn.



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