Sky High Siblings

When you are planning to photograph the wildlife at the zoo the first thing you need to plan is to get there early. I always try to be there as soon as they open; sometimes it just doesn’t happen but I try. On my last visit to Sunset Zoo I did manage to walk through the gates just minutes after opening and the early drive paid off. I was able to photograph a pair of sky high siblings.

chimpanzees zoo photography
1/500 – f/7.0 – ISO 400 – 171mm
zoo photography chimpanzees
1/640 – f/7.0 – ISO 400 – 171mm

All the animals were up and going; they were enjoying the cool morning air, the bright sunshine, and a tasty breakfast. #7 and TG met me there and the first place we headed was to the chimpanzees. We found all of them, I think there were 6, out in their yard and very active.

These two were playing just like any kids would when the older one picked up the younger one and began to climb.  She carried that little chimp all the way to the top of their structure and sat down for a bite to eat. During the climb up that little one hung on for dear life but the bigger one didn’t help on the way down. Nope; the bigger chimp sat up there eating breakfast and enjoying the view while the little one made the long climb back down all alone.

It was a lot of fun to watch the whole family interact with one another but these two  really seemed to be having a good time together. I hope to get another chance to visit these guys again soon.

Click on the images above to see a larger view, order prints, or download photos.


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