That Photography Thing Is So Simple –

That Photography Thing Is So Simple –

more of a rant than a post…


The things I hear….

  • So all you do is take pictures? Do you do that a lot? That’s so easy! I take pictures too!
  • That photography thing is so simple. Just push the button, upload to the computer, and wait for people to buy it.
  • That’s a nice camera it must take great pictures. My camera has more megapixels than yours I’ll bet. Is that a new camera? It sure looks nice. I’m going to get one of those how much did it cost? What setting do you use the most; do you use the one with the picture of a person or the one with the picture of the flower? How about P for professional? Do you use that one?
  • Yeah, I could be a photographer to if I wanted. It’s so easy. I don’t understand why people think it’s so hard. And why do they say it so expensive? It’s all digital nowadays so you don’t even have to buy film. It’s basically free.


The things I say out loud…

  • Yep; I take pictures. Yes; I do that a lot. Cool! I’m glad you take pictures too I’m sure your family and friends loves them!
  • Yeah, that’s sort of how it works. It just takes a little more time than that.
  • Thanks; I like it. Yes I can get some pretty nice images from it. Wow. That’s a lot of megapixels what kind of sensor does it have? The sensor? Oh that’s the little thing that captures the image it’s like digital film. It wasn’t exactly cheap. Well for this shot of this little flower I’d suggest you try the one with the flower picture on it. Unless you’d like to hang out for a while and I’ll show you something else.
  • Yes after a few years it gets easier and no I don’t have to buy film.

*is my tongue bleeding yet?
I bite it so hard some days.

The things I’m screaming to myself in my head…

  • The settings, the aperture, the ISO, the shutter speeds, the camera modes, the perfect exposure, the depth of field, the composition,  the color balance, the right focal length, the light angles, the pose, the location, the scene, the surface, the background, the challenge, creating the balance, the post processing, the uploading, the keywording….
  • The equipment costs are not small, the cameras, the lenses, the flashes, the lighting gear, the stands, tripods, bags, and cases, filters, backdrops, props, computers, monitors, digital storage devices, RAW conversion software, post production software, the astronomical costs of upkeep and upgrading your equipment…
  • The years of learning this craft is time consuming and at times frustrating, the days months years of trial and error, the expense of classes and workshops, the hours days weeks months years spent learning from those that have already invested a lifetime, the creativity, the imagination, the commitment, the devotion,  the skill, the technique, the concentration, the technical aspects…
  • The planning, the cost of travel to locations, the hours spent waiting for the shot, the hours spent post processing, the days spent researching the how to’s and where to’s and even a few why’s, the patience, the attention…
  • The hours and hours of running a business single handedly, the marketing, the posting, the pinning, the tweeting, the sharing, the blogging, the networking, the advertising, the bookkeeping, the care and maintenance of equipment, the web design, the time commitments of professional organizations…
  • The practice, the practice, the practice, the practice…

Come on people, You don’t tell the nurse that she has a simple job just walking around and talking to patients all day. You don’t walk into the restaurant and tell the cook that the stove does all the work. You don’t ask the painter how many bristles are in his brush. You don’t congratulate the author on his amazing pen. You don’t feel the need to let the fireman know that you too own a hose. And you don’t tell the lion tamer that you could do his job because you taught your dog to sit.

Let’s think a moment before we start to judge someone else’s work. Try to be a little bit understanding. And like our mother’s said if you don’t have something nice to say don’t say anything at all.

But If you really want to know, if you really want to learn, if you have an honest desire to find out more…

Please don’t hesitate to ask.

If I’ve learned the answer I’ll be glad to share; after only a few years of doing this I too still have much to learn.

Ok. Rant Over.


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