new stock photos june 2015

Oh The Keywords!

Oh the keywords!

Over the last couple of weeks I have been busy clearing out the “must get uploaded to the stock photo sites” folder on my computer. There were images of teddy bears, photos from the lake, isolated clothespins, zoo animals, macros, and even Frisbee golf! All waiting to become downloadable stock photos. I have newer images waiting to go into that folder; it was past time to make room for them.

[I’ve recently uploaded a good size batch to all three of the stock sites that I currently have portfolios with and I’ll try to get posts made for the other two over the next week or so. However the links in this post are all going to take you to]



I have been very busy lately typing keywords, writing image descriptions, and thinking up titles that work for stock photos.


Oh the keywords!

There are days when I feel that I just do not have the vocabulary to come up with all those descriptive keywords.

Yes that’s a teddy bear holding a camera but what else is it? Toys, fun, imagination, career, photographer…..

Ok, so  the title rocks on the shoreline at the lake is less than inspired, at lest it gets to the point! What else am I going to call that one?

And how to you tag images of oversized clothespins isolated on a white background? Well there’s the obvious clothespins, pins, clips, clamps, but how about laundry, energy saving, and chore?



Is a music box an instrument? A decorative item? A memento? or a mechanical device? Whatever it is good old Google told me that some of the parts inside the music box are called a comb, teeth, a pin drum, and a music man.


I wasn’t actually sure what that unique little round building was. I think it might have been a tiny limestone barn or just a round shed for the garden tools. No matter what it actually was it is now known as a small round limestone barn with wood shingled roof!


Do you know anything about Frisbee golf? I don’t. I can barely even toss a Frisbee! But I did a little searching to find out that the big old baskets made from poles and chains are called targets. And you’ve always got the usual keywords like outdoor sports, city park, and competition. Oh and it’s also called Disc Golf.



Well; now that I have emptied that “must get uploaded to the stock photo sites” folder  it’s time to get into the newer folders and sort out what needs to be moved over so I can fill it up again!

Oh the keywords to come!

Anyone got an extra thesaurus lying around?

This collection of stock photos can be found at and can be downloaded by clicking the images and links above to be
taken directly to their stock photo pages.


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