More Photographic Adventures

Sometimes your camera can take you places that you would have not gone without it. Such was the case last fall when I had the opportunity to photograph a coal-fired power plant.

Well my trusty Canon has done it again! It has taken me back to another coal-fired power plant. This time we ventured deep into the dark interiors of the plant, walked right up to the turbines, and climbed high out on the catwalks surrounding the plant.blog_coal_fired_power_plant_IMG_4880blog_inside_power_plant_IMG_5034blog_old_brick_wall_detail_IMG_4978

The only regret was that I had put my Canon back into the bag and fastened it shut before leaving the building and walking out to the parking area. Because I didn’t have it in my hand at the time I missed what could have been such an awesome shot!

As we headed back out to the car a couple of power plant workers, decked out in loads of safety gear and looking like something from another world, created a huge spark that jumped from one transformer to another and lit up the air! That would have been an amazing photo op.blog_pipes_at_coal_fired_power_plant_IMG_4934blog_rusty_metal_IMG_4959

blog_levers_industrial_control_panel_IMG_5006Next time I’ll think twice about packing up the gear before walking back to the car. You can see more images from both of these plants in the Industry & Architecture gallery over at

Thanks to #4 and the power company for another awesome tour!

When’s the next one!

Click on the images above to see a larger view, order prints, or download photos.


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