Random Shots From A Small Town

Over the 4th of July weekend D and I made a visit in his hometown. It’s another small Kansas town similar to the one we live in now; and similar to the one I grew up in as well. I guess the state is full of these small towns.

high school sports track and field
1/1000 – f/9 – ISO 400 – 55mm

While we were in his old hometown we took a walk over to the city park which is near the pool and high school track. The place was practically deserted as everyone was home celebrating the holiday. I think we only saw one other person and he was just finishing his last lap around the track as we were walking towards it.

Of coures we had the cameras with us, you  never know where you’ll find that next interesting subject, I was sure something would jump out at us! It turns out that the high school track was pretty interesting itself. It was blue! I’ve never seen a blue track before.

We found more nice cool blue in the city pool. The pool was closed and no one was swimming so it made a good place to practice shooting through a chain link fence. I think there just might be a little “stock value” in this shot.

city pool blue water markers
1/3200 – f/5.6 – ISO 400 – 250mm
1/5000 – f/5.6 – ISO 400 – 194mm

We walked back towards D’s sister’s house by way of the center of the city park where I found this neat old looking lantern and thought the bright sun behind it made for an interesting image. Well; it could have been better but it just might find a home one day.

1/800 – f/5.6 – ISO 400 – 250mm

And what visit to the park would be complete without a stop at the playground! Nobody was hanging out there either so there was plenty of opportunity to use the ride on toys as practice subjects. Later I used this duck as another practice subject and removed him from the busy background. He looks pretty funny just isolated on white like that without any of his playground friends or even the large trees that were surrounding him.

Maybe when the weather is a bit cooler, say something less than 102 out, I’ll take a photo walk around our little town and see what jumps out around here!


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