Back To School Fun At Zazzle

I can’t believe that I am saying this but…

summer is almost over!

The school supply lists are showing up in stores, there’s freshly painted parking lines around the schools, and those back-to-school clothing commercials are running night and day across the TV screen.

I guess it’s time for me to get on the boat and post some back-to-school items too! So here’s just a few of the fun things you can find over at KKH Photos Variety Shop right now.

Reward Stickers

zazzle stickers reward stickers for teachers

Journalszazzle summer journal spiral notebook back to school 2015

Keychainszazzle keychains baseball back to school


zazzle floral binder three ring notebooks back to school office supplies

Dry Erase Boards

zazzle dry erase boards yellow paper


zazzle back to school t-shirt volleyball sports tees

Wall Clocks

zazzle wall clocks back to school dorm room decor


zazzle posters wall art home decor ideas dorm room

Bags Of All Sizes

zazzle back to school messenger bags tote bag gummy bears

And lots more!

Happy Back To School Time Everyone!


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