It’s Here! My New BlackRapid Is Here!

When I opened the mail box today I was like a kid on Christmas BR_strap_IMAG3802morning.  I saw a big white package with my name on it; and the return address was…

Seattle WA

Oh!!! It’s here! It’s here! My new BlackRapid Kick is here! I must open this right away!

No no. I must wait until the car is unloaded, the dogs let out, and the just purchased groceries are put away.

BR_strap_IMAG3808_1I have had a BlackRapid strap on my wish list for sometime now.

I looked forward to the day I’d have that nice thick cushiony ergonomically
curved shoulder pad to help with the weight of my less than delicate Canon 7D.

I longed for that quick swivel action of the secure connector as the camera was lifted from its resting place at arm’s length, smoothly up to my eye in one swift motion, just in time to grab the shot.

I anticipated the comfort the added Bert extender would create.BR_strap_IMAG3813

I knew the convenience of the BlackRapid mod system  would be awesome as I added a Joey pocket or two to hold those lens caps, memory cards, batteries, and car keys.

I looked forward to the added safety and security I’d experience with the extra little touches like the Buck buckle wraps to prevent an accidental release. And the Tether Kit for that “I hope it never happens but always in the back of my mind” catastrophe if somehow the fastener should come un-screwed.

BR_strap_IMAG3814Oh I tried to get along without this most awesome of camera straps. I used a bright colorful fashion strap shipped in all the way from China; it wasn’t that comfortable.

I tried to tell myself the added price just wasn’t worth it as I picked up a cheap knock off that boasted their split strap would add coolness and more comfort. It didn’t.

Recently after spending over 5 hours walking, standing, eating lunch on a picnic table, and walking, and standing some more while using that cheap knock off I made a decision. It was time. I was getting a BlackRapid.

I logged onto BlackRapid.Com and ordered myself the floral version of The Kick just a couple days later. It arrived today and as soon as supper was over I had it, and all the accessories I chose, out of that big white package and attached to my camera.

Just in time too. I’m headed out in the morning to spend a few hours shooting the RC planes at the annual Fun Fly. That will be a good way to put this new piece of gear to the test. I’m sure it’s going to pass with flying colors.



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