photography fog rc plane fun fly event

Fog, Cameras, Action!

Fog, Cameras, Action! We had all three.

D and I were invited to attend our local RC group’s Fun Fly this past weekend. D occasionally flies RC planes with them; but this time he went along with me as photographers for the event.  It’s really neat to see how two people shooting the same event at the same time can come away with very different images.

When we arrived at the airport [where the RC group has an awesome well maintained field thanks to Dick C.] several flyers had already begun to unload their planes and assorted gear. I was surprised to see planes already lined up and waiting to go because of the weather.

The fog was thick and heavy! We couldn’t even see all the cars and trucks parked in the field until we were nearly on them! The grass was soaking wet and everyone’s pant legs were drinking it up like sponges. I’m sure I looked like a mess after kneeling down in the wet grass to get shots of the planes before they started flying.

photography fog rc plane fun fly event
1/500 sec – f/7.1 – ISO 400 – 35mm

The RC pilots weren’t bothered by the early fog; they used the time to do a few last minute tweaks to their planes and talk a little shop. They swapped stories and talked all about our recent storm. Most reported that we simply had 80 mph straight line winds; while others pointed out the destroyed hanger and plane sitting nearby and commented that it was actually an F2 tornado.

photography fog rc planes fun fly
1/320 sec – f/6.3 – ISO 200 – 116mm

Only in Kansas do such conversations over destructive weather take on an everyday matter of fact tone.

Once the fog lifted and the first plane took off the event really got under way. There were planes that speed along so fast I spun myself in circles trying to keep up! And that’s no easy task for a balanced challenge person like me.

There were planes that flew past at a slightly slower rate and made for some much easier shots. The one that left smoke trails was a lot of fun to watch; I almost forgot to click the shutter while I was watching it loop about!

action photography fun fly rc planes
1/2000 sec – f/8 – ISO 400 – 250mm

There were the usual near crashes as planes landed a little less than perfect and we heard that dreaded sound. That crumpling thud of a sound that’s only made someone’s flight ends with a nose dive into the nearby soy bean field. So many broken pieces to search for and collect from between the rows.

The RC group provided a nice lunch with BBQ pork, salads, fresh produce from the garden, and ice cold drinks. D and left an hour or so after lunch having filled every memory card in my bag. But the event continued on for an hour or two after that.

We had a great time and I got in some much needed practice at action photography chasing those planes across the sky. You can see the full gallery of my images from this event over at; just click on Clubs And Events in the main menu – select The Flying Misfits Osborne RC Galleries – and click on August 30, 2015 gallery – or just follow this link.

Oh; and by the way. That new BlackRapid Kick performed beautifully. 😀

Click on the images above to see a larger view,
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